Tuesday, April 24, 2007

See Your Bindows Applications this Way Part 2

I updated the Bindows AboutComponent ( the first part is found here ) to show properties associated with the Bindows component. These aren't nested at all and are shown as a long list. You can click on them and their values appear in the giant bubble dialog.

Of course, the properties are nothing more than what you would get with the "for (var p in object)" syntax. You can probably get the same information if you're using an IDE, but since I don't use an IDE and since it's convenient to associate the properties with the component, I added this feature.

The AboutComponent is also now resizable. I also brought back the column headers. You can increase the width and sort the column. After using it to debug a "real" Bindows application, I realized that the components and events can be very well nested! So, these changes were necessary to make the AboutComponent usable.

Here's what it looks like now --

Here are other examples --

BiTabPane with Four Tab Pages
Custom Component

You can download the AboutComponent here. It's all zipped up so just unzip to the "samples" directory of your Bindows install.

Note that this component only works for Bindows 2.0 and above.

Have fun!

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