Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At the Movies with Jaman

As part of front end development, I sign up for a lot of beta testing. It helps me to see what's the state of the art and what everyone else is doing.

Once in a while, I'm lucky enough to get into private betas. Jaman was one. I've been through the private beta and now, I'm a regular user ( by the way, for all you movie lovers, if you sign up now, you'll get 3 free downloads. If you sign up via this special promotional link, you'll get 4 free downloads. What a deal! ).

I'm really fond of dark, particularly black backgrounds because it provides ample contrast. It's the constrast and not so much color that make things standout.

Jaman's focus is on world cinema. They create virtual film festivals that focus on films that you won't ever see in mainstream theaters.

Super blogger and techman, Robert Scoble did a video interview with Jaman founder, Gaurav Dhillion here. It's worth a watch to get an idea of what they're doing. Om Malik also had a nice piece on them as well.

Jaman has a lot of your art films, but they're also major motion pictures from foreign countries ( for example, you can watch the superb multi-award winning Indian film Black ).

They're also documentaries ( see classic American cars in today's Cuba -- Yank Tanks ), shorts ( watch the 3 minute satire - The American Infant ) and my favorite -- animations ( check out Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot for a smile, a laugh and maybe even a giggle ).

After you watch the movies, you can share your thoughts with other movie lovers as well.

The beauty of the web is that the world is made much smaller. We all can enjoy the wonders of film from great film makers all over the world.

You can enjoy Jaman too.

Hope you are having a fun summer and watch some movies!

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